BirthdayFebruary 10, 1910
BirthplaceKishinev, Moldova

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  1. About Maria Cebotari

    Full name: Maria Cebotari
    Also known as: Maria Cebotari, Cebotari, Maria
    Professions: Singer and actress
    Occupation: Operatic soprano

  2. Maria Cebotari Death information

    Died: Thursday, 9th of June, 1949 (Age: 39)

  3. Maria Cebotari Biography

    Miss Maria Cebotari complained about horrible pain during her opera performance the Figaro (music by Mozart) in Milano. She complained about her tiredness, and tried to fight against her unknown illness. Doctors discovered she had gallbladder infection. The diet she was on did not help at all. Miss Cebotari finally went for a medical examination ...

  4. Maria Cebotari Family

    Spouse: Alexander Virubov Gustav Diessl

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