BirthdayJanuary 19, 1935
BirthplaceSão Paulo, Brazil

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  1. About Maria Alice Vergueiro

    Full name: Maria Alice Vergueiro
    Also known as: Maria Alice Vergueiro, Verguerio, Maria Alice, Maria Alice Verguerio
    Professions: Brazilian actor

  2. Maria Alice Vergueiro Biography

    Maria Alice Monteiro de Campos Vergueiro (born January 19, 1935) is a Brazilian actress with an extensive career on stage, cinema, and television.Born in São Paulo, her theatrical debut was in 1962 in the show The Mandrake ("A Mandrágora") under the direction of Augusto Boal. Later, she began working with the Teatro Oficina, where she appeared in the historical setting of O Rei da Vela (by Oswald de Andrade), under the direction of José Celso Martinez Corrêa, which was later made into a film. She worked with the Living Theatre. She was the founder, along with Luiz Roberto Galízia and Cacá Rosset, of the Teatro do Ornitorrinco where she has appeared in various shows.Recently she gained fame for the short film Tapa na Pantera, directed by Esmir Filho, Mariana Bastos and Rafael Gomes, in which she plays a woman who has smoked marijuana for 30 years and talks about her experiences with the drug, a character based on the actress' own experiences. The short became a success in less than a week when it was posted on YouTube without the permission of the authors.In the theater scene of São Paulo, she is known as "Dama do Underground" or "Velha Dama Indigna."

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