BirthdayDecember 0, 1938

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  1. About Marguerite LeWars

    Full name: Marguerite LeWars
    Also known as: Marguerite LeWars, Lewars, Marguerite, Marguerite Lewars
    Professions: Jamaican beauty pageant contestant

  2. Marguerite LeWars Biography

    Marguerite LeWars (born c. 1938 in Kingston) is a Jamaican former beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Jamaica. While serving in that capacity, she played the role of Dr. No's photographer, Annabelle Chung, in the first ever James Bond film Dr No, in 1962. This role was her only screen role and it was a matter of chance; the production crew of Dr No encountered her at Kingston airport as they were preparing for filming. LeWars was an employee there at the time and they decided to use her in the film. In the commentary of the Dr. No DVD release, LeWars reveals that makeup was applied to her face to make her appear partly oriental. She also states that her voice in the film was dubbed over by the filmmakers without her prior knowledge.She is also seen in the documentary Inside Dr. No as herself.

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