BirthdaySeptember 29, 1919

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  1. About Margot Hielscher

    Full name: Margot Hielscher
    Also known as: Hielscher, Margot
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack, Costume Designer
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  2. Margot Hielscher Biography

    Margot Hielscher (born 29 September 1919 in Berlin) is a German singer and film actress. She appeared in over fifty films between and 1939 and 1994.In 1957, Hielscher was chosen to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 1957 with the song "Telefon, Telefon" (Telephone, Telephone). The song finished fourth out of ten, with eight points.Hielscher was chosen again to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 1958 with the song "Für Zwei Groschen Musik" (Music For Two Pennies). The song finished seventh out of ten, with 5 points.In 1989, she starred in the TV series Rivalen der Rennbahn.

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