BirthdayDecember 0, 1997
BirthplaceWarsaw, Poland

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  1. About Marcin Walewski

    Full name: Marcin Walewski
    Professions: Actor

  2. Marcin Walewski Known for

    Venice (2010), Siberian Exile (2013), The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683 (2012), Closer to the Moon (2014)

  3. Marcin Walewski Biography

    Marcin Walewski was born in Warsaw. In 1998-2002, he lived with his parents in Los Angeles, USA. After their return, he started appearing in TV commercials. In 2003-2007, he guest starred in the Polish TV series "Klan", "Na dobre i na zle", "Niania", "Kryminalni", "Daleko od noszy", "Glina" and "Pensjonat pod Roza". These roles made Marcin ...

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