BirthdayJune 13, 1968
BirthplaceKampala, Uganda

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  1. About Marcel Theroux

    Full name: Marcel Theroux
    Also known as: Marcel Theroux, Theroux, Marcel
    Education: Yale University
    Professions: English novelist and broadcaster

  2. Marcel Theroux Biography

    Marcel Raymond Theroux (born 13 October 1968) is a British novelist and broadcaster. He wrote The Stranger in The Earth and The Confessions of Mycroft Holmes: a paper chase for which he won the Somerset Maugham Award in 2002. His third novel, A Blow to the Heart, was published by Faber in 2006. His fourth, Far North was published in June 2009 (ISBN 978-0374153533). His fifth, Strange Bodies was published in May 2013 (ISBN 978-0571297894). He worked in television news in New York and in Boston.He is the middle son of the American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux. His younger brother, Louis Theroux, is a journalist and television presenter.

  3. Marcel Theroux Family

    Parents: Paul Theroux, Anne Castle

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