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  1. About Manuel Puig

    Full name: Manuel Puig
    Also known as: Manuel Puig, Puig, Manuel
    Professions: Writer, Actor, Soundtrack

  2. Manuel Puig Death information

    Died: Sunday, 22nd of July, 1990 (Age: 57)

  3. Manuel Puig Biography

    Manuel Puig (born Juan Manuel Puig Delledonne) (General Villegas, Argentina, December 28, 1932 - Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 22, 1990) was an Argentine author. Among his best known novels are La traición de Rita Hayworth (1968) (Betrayed by Rita Hayworth), Boquitas pintadas (1969) (Heartbreak Tango), and El beso de la mujer araña (1976) (Kiss of the Spider Woman), which was made into a film by the Argentine-Brazilian director Héctor Babenco, and in 1993 into a Broadway musical.

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