BirthdayFebruary 4, 1908

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  1. About Makhdoom Mohiuddin

    Full name: Makhdoom Mohiuddin
    Also known as: Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Mohiuddin, Makhdoom
    Professions: Indian activist and writer
    Nationality: Indian

  2. Makhdoom Mohiuddin Death information

    Died: Saturday, 15th of February, 1969 (Age: 61)

  3. Makhdoom Mohiuddin Biography

    Makhdoom Mohiuddin (Urdu: ????? ??? ?????, Telugu : ?????? ????????????) or Abu Sayeed Mohammad Makhdoom Mohiuddin Huzri (4 February 1908 – 25 August 1969) was an Urdu poet and Marxist political activist of India. He was a distinguished revolutionary Urdu poet. He founded the Progressive Writers Union in Hyderabad and was active with the Comrades Association and the Communist Party of India, and at the forefront of the 1946–1947 Telengana Rebellion against the Nizam of the erstwhile Hyderabad state.

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