BirthdayFebruary 10, 1942

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  1. About Madhabi Mukherjee

    Full name: Madhabi Mukherjee
    Also known as: Madhabi Mukherjee, Mukherjee, Madhabi
    Professions: Indian actor

  2. Madhabi Mukherjee Known for

    Charulata (1964), The Big City (1963), The Coward (1965), The Festival (2000)

  3. Madhabi Mukherjee Biography

    Madhabi Mukherjee née Chakraborty (born 10 February 1942) is an Indian Bengali actress who has won National Film Award for Best Actress for Bengali film Dibratrir Kabya. She has acted in some of the most critically acclaimed films in Bengali cinema.Her major role was the title role of Charu in Satyajit Ray's masterpiece Charulata. Her impact was such that Madhabi Mukherjee is still considered among the all time greats of Bengali cinema.

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