BirthdayJuly 21, 1945
BirthplaceShanghai, China

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  1. About Lydia Shum

    Full name: Lydia Shum
    Also known as: Lydia Shum, 沈殿霞, Shum, Lydia, Shěn Diànxiá, sam2 din6 haa4
    Professions: Actress, Director, Music Department

  2. Lydia Shum Known for

    Drunken Tai Chi (1984), Jian fei lu xing tuan (1997), Shanghai Express (1986), Fu gui bi ren (1987)

  3. Lydia Shum Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 19th of February, 2008 (Age: 62)

  4. Lydia Shum Biography

    Lydia Shum Din-ha or Lydia Sum (Chinese: 沈殿霞; 1 June 1945 — 19 February 2008) was a Hong Kong comedienne, MC, and actress known for her portly figure, signature dark rimmed glasses and bouffant hairstyle. She was affectionately known to peers and fans as Fei-fei (肥肥, lit. "Fat Fat" or "Fatty"). She appeared in numerous Hong Kong films and was an iconic TVB entertainer over forty years. For a brief spell in the 1990s, Shum left TVB to work at rival ATV.

  5. Lydia Shum Family

    Spouse: Adam Cheng

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