BirthdayDecember 21, 1976
BirthplaceToronto, Canada

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  1. About Lukas Rossi

    Full name: Lukas Rossi
    Also known as: Lukas Rossi, Rossi, Lukas
    Professions: Canadian singer

  2. Lukas Rossi Known for

    Rock Star: Supernova (2006), Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew (2009), The Voice (2011), Livin' on a Dream (2010)

  3. Lukas Rossi Biography

    Lukas Rossi (born December 21, 1976) is a Canadian rock musician and was the winner of the CBS Television reality series Rock Star: Supernova - a televised audition contest to become lead singer of the hard rock supergroup Rock Star Supernova.

  4. Lukas Rossi Family

    Spouse: Kendra Jade Rossi

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