BirthdayMay 20, 1928
BirthplaceSobral, Brazil

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  1. About Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Full name: Luiz Carlos Barreto
    Also known as: Luiz Carlos Barreto, Barreto, Luiz Carlos
    Professions: Producer, Writer, Cinematographer
    Occupation: Film producer, screenwriter

  2. Luiz Carlos Barreto Known for

    Four Days in September (1997), Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (1976), Entranced Earth (1967), Bossa Nova (2000)

  3. Luiz Carlos Barreto Biography

    Luiz Carlos Barreto (born 20 May 1928) is a Brazilian film producer and screenwriter. He has produced 50 films since 1962. He produced the 1966 film The Priest and the Girl, which was entered into the 16th Berlin International Film Festival. He also produced the 1969 film Brazil Year 2000, which won a Silver Bear at the 19th Berlin International Film Festival.

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