BirthdayApril 12, 1969

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  1. About Lucas Radebe

    Full name: Lucas Radebe
    Also known as: Lucas Radebe, Lucas Valeriu Ntuba Radebe, Radebe, Lucas
    Professions: Association footballer
    Work: South Africa squads

  2. Lucas Radebe Biography

    Template:EssayLucas Valeriu Ntuba Radebe (born 12 April 1969) is a former Leeds United and South African football player, playing primarily as a centre back.He began playing in South Africa with Kaizer Chiefs, before transferring to Leeds United, where he played 200 matches for the Yorkshire side. During his spells at these clubs, he picked up the nicknames "Rhoo" and "The Chief". He became captain of Leeds United and also of the South African national team, most notably at World Cup 2002. Nelson Mandela said of Radebe: "This is my hero."

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