BirthdayOctober 11, 1888
BirthplaceSan Francisco, USA

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  1. About Lowell Sherman

    Full name: Lowell Sherman
    Also known as: Lowell Sherman, Sherman, Lowell
    Professions: Actor, Director, Producer
    Occupation: Actor

  2. Lowell Sherman Known for

    The Pay-Off (1930), Bachelor Apartment (1931), The Royal Bed (1931), Way Down East (1920)

  3. Lowell Sherman Death information

    Died: Friday, 28th of December, 1934 (Age: 46)

  4. Lowell Sherman Biography

    Lowell Sherman was one of the early cinema's first major stars who successfully made the transition from actor to director. Born in either 1885 or 1888, his parents were John Wm. Sherman, a theatrical producer (1855-1924), and Julia Gray Sherman, an actress and daughter of actress Kate Gray. In 1905 Lowell embarked on his first real stage work in ...

  5. Lowell Sherman Family

    Spouse: Helene Costello (divorced)

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