BirthdayOctober 21, 1970

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  1. About Louis Koo

    Full name: Louis Koo
    Also known as: Louis Koo, 古天樂, Gu2 Tin1-lok6, Koo, Louis, 古天乐, Gǔ Tiānlè
    Professions: Hong Kong actor and singer
    Work: Best Actor

  2. Louis Koo Measurements

    Height: 5' 11¼" (1.81 m)

  3. Louis Koo Known for

    Drug War (2012), Triad Election (2006), Election (2005), Flash Point (2007)

  4. Louis Koo Biography

    Louis Koo (Koo Tin-lok ???; born 21 October 1970) is a Hong Kong film actor. He began his professional career as an actor in local television series, winning TVB's Best Actor award in 1999 and 2001. For the past decade, he has focused primarily on his film career. Koo has become one of the stalwarts of the Hong Kong film industry, and is a popular spokesman for various brands including Pepsi, Osim, Tag Heuer, Lotte, Zero Eyewear, Lay's, and Samsung Galaxy.Koo is the highest earning actor in Hong Kong with 236 million HKD (30.4 million USD) in 2013.

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