BirthdayNovember 10, 1894
BirthplaceZittau, Germany

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  1. About Lisa Tetzner

    Full name: Lisa Tetzner
    Also known as: Lisa Tetzner, Tetzner, Lisa
    Professions: Swiss writer

  2. Lisa Tetzner Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 2nd of July, 1963 (Age: 68)

  3. Lisa Tetzner Biography

    Lisa Tetzner (born in Zittau, Saxony on November 10, 1894; died July 2, 1963 in Carona, Switzerland) was a German-born Swiss children's writer known for her work with fairy-tales. In 1924 she married Kurt Held, a Jewish Communist. They fled to Switzerland to escape the Nazis and in 1948 became a Swiss citizen. Her book, Die schwarzen BrĂ¼der was published in 1941. The Swiss censored her work fearing it may antagonise the wartime German government. Later her "socialist fairy-tales" became popular in East Germany. One of her best-known works is The Children From No. 67 series written as a collaboration with her husband.

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