BirthdayDecember 0, 1955
BirthplaceTurku, Finland

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  1. About Leena Lander

    Full name: Leena Lander
    Also known as: Leena Lander, Lander, Leena
    Professions: Finnish author

  2. Leena Lander Known for

    The Home of Dark Butterflies (2008), Tears of April (2008), Herran kukkarossa (1989), Runoraati (2002)

  3. Leena Lander Biography

    Leena Lander (born 25 October 1955 in Turku) is a Finnish author. She grew up in Turku in a boys' home her father ran. In 1992 she won the Thanks for the Book Award for Tummien perhosten koti (The Home of the Dark Butterflies), which was made into a successful Finnish film in 2008. Her work is known for its concern with the treatment of children and tensions involving authority and conscience. She also won the Pro Finlandia medal of the Order of the Lion of Finland in 2000.

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