BirthdayNovember 5, 1917
BirthplaceBrentford, England

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  1. About Lawrence Elion

    Full name: Lawrence Elion
    Also known as: Lawrence Elion, Elion, Lawrence
    Professions: Canadian actor

  2. Lawrence Elion Death information

    Died: Sunday, 27th of March, 2011 (Age: 93)

  3. Lawrence Elion Biography

    Lawrence Elion (November 5, 1917 – March 27, 2011) was a Canadian / British actor who was best known for his role as the hapless first victim Stanley in David Winning's debut feature film Storm.Lawrence was born in Brentford, Chiswick, England. He served in the Signal Corps of the British Army during World War II. Lawrence had a passion for music (piano) and the theatre, was a member of ACTRA and won numerous awards for 'Best Actor'.His wife Isabel lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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