BirthdayNovember 9, 1972
BirthplaceTeheran, Iran

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  1. About Lasse Lindroth

    Full name: Lasse Lindroth
    Also known as: Lasse Lindroth, Lindroth, Lasse
    Professions: Swedish comedian

  2. Lasse Lindroth Death information

    Died: Sunday, 11th of July, 1999 (Age: 26)

  3. Lasse Lindroth Biography

    Lars "Lasse" Erik Oliver Lindroth (born 9 November 1972 in Teheran, Iran, died 11 July 1999 in a car accident on E6, Sweden) was a Swedish comedian, actor and writer.He became popular in Sweden as a comedian in the mid-1990s, under the stage name Ali Hussein. From there he went on to also write books and play parts in films and on TV. For example he played in the TV series Sjukan, which was a Swedish version of British sitcom Only When I Laugh.His Iranian origin allowed him to play on the prejudices about immigrants from different countries, while also making jokes about racists of all sorts. This made him unpopular in the nationalist movements.He died in an automobile accident at 26 years of age.

  4. Lasse Lindroth Family

    Spouse: Emma Westerström

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