BirthdayDecember 11, 1985

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  1. About Laia Sanz

    Full name: Laia Sanz
    Also known as: Laia Sanz, Sanz, Laia
    Professions: Motorcycle racer
    Work: Laia Sanz Pla-Giribert

  2. Laia Sanz Biography

    This is a Catalan name. The first family name and Father's surname is Sanz and the second family name and Mother's surname is Pla-Giribert.Laia Sanz Pla-Giribert (11 December 1985. Corbera de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain), also known as Laia Sanz. Is a Catalan sportswoman thirteen times Women's Trial World Champion and ten times Women's Trial European Champion in Outdoor Motorcycle Trials.She has also formed part of the Spanish Female Team in the Trial des Nations, winning it five times ( 2000, 2002, 2008, 2010, 2011 ).In 2010 competed in the Women's Enduro World Championship for the first time. And also in 2011 participated, for the first time, in the Dakar Rally winning the Female motorcycle category and finishing 39th overall, position that she manages to repeat a year later.

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