BirthdayDecember 0, 1941

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  1. About Kwaw Ansah

    Full name: Kwaw Ansah
    Also known as: Kwaw Ansah, Ansah, Kwaw
    Professions: Director, Writer, Producer
    Occupation: Filmmaker, production designer, theater designer, dramatist, music composer

  2. Kwaw Ansah Biography

    Kwaw Paintsil Ansah (born 1941) is an award-winning Ghanaian film-maker, whose work as writer, director or producer includes Love Brewed in the African Pot in 1981 and Heritage Africa in 1989. His first feature, Love Brewed in the African Pot, earned an immediate popular and critical acclaim throughout English-speaking Africa. Despite all the awards and the success, it would be nearly ten years before Ansah could complete his next major film project, the ambitious Heritage Africa (1989). Yet again, the film was widely acclaimed and awarded. Since then, Ansah has limited his film work to documentaries, with Crossroads of People, Crossroads of Trade (1994). Ansah is a crusader for African filmmaking and dramatic art, working ceaselessly for improved funding and distribution of African films within Africa. He has been chairman of FEPACI and a leader in the direction of FESPACO. In 1998, Kwaw Ansah was awarded the Acrag Prize, the Living Legend Award for Contribution to the Arts of Ghana.

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