BirthdayFebruary 25, 1958
BirthplaceCupertino, USA

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  1. About Kurt Rambis

    Full name: Kurt Rambis
    Also known as: Kurt Rambis, Rambis, Kurt
    Professions: American basketball player and coach
    Nationality: Greek / American
    Work: Kurt Rambis—championships, awards, and honors

  2. Kurt Rambis Measurements

    Height: 6' 8" (2.03 m)
    Weight: 96.62

  3. Kurt Rambis Known for

    Forget Paris (1995), Eddie (1996), The Lovemaster (1997), Mike & Mike (2005)

  4. Kurt Rambis Biography

    Darrell Kurt Rambis (born February 25, 1958) is an American basketball coach and former professional basketball player. He currently works as an assistant coach for the New York Knicks. He previously served as a head coach for the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves.

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