BirthdayJanuary 16, 1947

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  1. About Kurt Goldstein

    Full name: Kurt Goldstein
    Also known as: Kurt Goldstein, Goldstein, Kurt
    Professions: Prussian neurologist

  2. Kurt Goldstein Known for

    Holistic Method, Organismic theory

  3. Kurt Goldstein Death information

    Died: Sunday, 19th of September, 1965 (Age: 18)

  4. Kurt Goldstein Biography

    Kurt Goldstein (November 6, 1878 – September 19, 1965) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist. Goldstein created a holistic theory of the organism based on Gestalt theory which deeply influenced the development of Gestalt therapy. His most important book in German Der Aufbau des Organismus (1934) has been published again in English: The Organism (1995) with an introduction by Oliver Sacks. Goldstein was co-editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and was the first neurologist to determine the cause of Alien Hand Syndrome

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