BirthdayMarch 13, 1960

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  1. About Konstantin Vorobyov

    Full name: Konstantin Vorobyov
    Also known as: Konstantin Vorobyov, Konstantin Dmitrievich Vorobyov
    Professions: Russian / Soviet author

  2. Konstantin Vorobyov Known for

    The Tale of Fedot, the Shooter (2002), Bury Me Behind the Baseboard (2009), Simple Things (2007), The Downfall of Berlin: Anonyma (2008)

  3. Konstantin Vorobyov Death information

    Died: Sunday, 2nd of March, 1975 (Age: 14)

  4. Konstantin Vorobyov Biography

    Konstantin Dmitrievich Vorobyov (??????????? ??????????? ?????????, September 24, 1919, Kursk region, Soviet Russia - March 2, 1975, Vilnius, Lithuania (then USSR) was a Russian Soviet writer, a War hero and a major proponent of the 'lieutenants' prose' sub-genre in the Soviet War literature. Vorobyov, who spent most of his life in Vilnyus, wrote 10 short novels (best known is Slain Near Moscow, 1963) and 30 short stories, many of which were either unpublished in his lifetime or suffered greatly from massive censorial cuts. According to poet, critic and literature historian Dmitry Bykov, Vorobyov was "the most American of all Russian writers, a strange mix of Hemingway and Capote".

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