BirthdayDecember 0, 1974
BirthplaceOslo, Norway

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  1. About Knut Schreiner

    Full name: Knut Schreiner
    Also known as: Knut Schreiner, Schreiner, Knut
    Professions: Norwegian singer, musician, producer

  2. Knut Schreiner Known for

    Reprise (2006), Turbonegro: The Movie (1999), Highway (2002), Team Antonsen Live: One Night Only (2004)

  3. Knut Schreiner Biography

    Knut Schreiner (born in Bergen, Norway, on 18 December 1974), is a Norwegian singer, musician and producer currently residing in Oslo. Also known by his stage name Euroboy, he has been part of important Norwegian bands like Kåre and The Cavemen known in its last years as Euroboys, with Turbonegro known in Norway as Turboneger, in the musical project Black Diamond Brigade and recently is a member of Mirror Lakes. He has also been in other musical projects and produced other bands, notably Euroboys, Amulet and The Lovethugs.

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