BirthdayJune 12, 1844

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  1. About Klaus Berntsen

    Full name: Klaus Berntsen
    Also known as: Klaus Berntsen, Berntsen, Klaus
    Professions: Danish politician

  2. Klaus Berntsen Death information

    Died: Sunday, 27th of March, 1927 (Age: 82)

  3. Klaus Berntsen Biography

    Klaus Berntsen (12 June 1844 – 27 March 1927) was a Danish politician, representing the Liberal party, Venstre. He was Council President of Denmark from 5 July 1910 to 21 June 1913 as the leader of the Cabinet of Klaus Berntsen. From 5 May 1920 to 9 October 1922 he served as Defence MinisterVery early he took part in politics as a quick-witted and popular agitator but belonging to the Moderate Venstre he was for many years without much political influence. After the beginning reunion of the old Venstre groups he played a greater role as a minister that led to the forming of his own cabinet. He was a personal friend of King Frederick VIII and enjoyed the king’s support but his government was accused of lacking social understanding. 1913 he proposed the revision of the Constitution that was carried through by the second Zahle Cabinet. When he retired from politics in 1926 he was one of the oldest Danish active parliamentarian politicians ever. As a member of the Folketing 1873-1884 and again 1886-1926 he remains the longest-serving member of the Danish Parliament and the only member for over 50 years.He was the father of Aage Berntsen and Oluf Berntsen

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