BirthdayDecember 7, 1946
BirthplaceTromsø, Norway

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  1. About Kirsti Sparboe

    Full name: Kirsti Sparboe
    Also known as: Sparboe Kirsti
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack

  2. Kirsti Sparboe Biography

    Kirsti Sparboe was born on 7 December 1946 in Tromsø, Norway. She Is a musical performer, and an actress. Most of her musical career is based around the widely popular Eurovision Song Contest.Her first participation in the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1965, when she was 19 years old, with the song "Karusell", which came in 13th place. She then participated in the 1966 Norwegian Pre-Selection for The Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Gi Meg Fri", which came in 2nd. Her next Eurovision participation would be in 1967, with the song "Dukkemann", which came in 14th place.She also participated in the 1968 Norwegian Pre-Selection, and would have gone on to represent Norway in 1968, but the song she performed ("Jag har aldri vært så glad i no'en som deg") was disqualified after accusations of plagiarising a popular Cliff Richard song called "Summer Holiday." She also covered the winning song of that year, "La La La" in Norwegian.She represented Norway once more in 1969 with the song "Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli" in 1969, which finished in last place. This song was recorded in 3 languages (Norwegian, Swedish, and French) and a "Grand Jubilee" version entitled "Oj Oj Oj, Grand Prix Jubilee", released years later.Kirsti participated in the 1970 German selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, after Norway, Finland, Portugal and Sweden refused to participate for that particular year. She sang "Pierre Der Clochard", and ended up in 4th place. Kirsti also covered 1971's winning song "Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue" in Norwegian.Since the Eurovision Song Contest, she has released singles mostly in Germany, where she found moderate success. Kirsti also showed off her acting talents for a one off BBC TV Show called "Jon, Brian, Kirsti And Jon" in 1980.In the recent years, the song "Ein Student Aus Uppsala" (written originally in German), has become the un-official anthem of students at Uppsala University, in Sweden, giving new popularity to Kirsti Sparboe.

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