BirthdayDecember 14, 1924
BirthplaceHelsinki, Finland

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  1. About Kirsi Kunnas

    Full name: Kirsi Kunnas
    Also known as: Kirsi Kunnas, Kunnas, Kirsi
    Professions: Finnish poet and translator

  2. Kirsi Kunnas Biography

    Kirsi Marjatta Kunnas (born December 14, 1924 in Helsinki) is a Finnish poet, children's literature author and translator into Finnish. Her extensive oeuvre consists of poems, fairy tale books, drama, translations (e.g. Lewis Carroll, Federico García Lorca) and non-fiction. Her books have been translated into Swedish, English, German, French, Hungarian, and Estonian. She has received several prizes and awards in Finland for her life's work.Kunnas is married to author Jaakko Syrjä. The lead singer and songwriter Martti Syrjä and guitarist Mikko Syrjä of Eppu Normaali are their sons.

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