BirthdayDecember 0, 1971

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  1. About Kirpal Singh

    Full name: Kirpal Singh
    Also known as: Kirpal Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh, Singh, Sant Kirpal
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew, Actor
    Work: Sant

  2. Kirpal Singh Known for

    Aashiqui (1990), Sadak (1991), Yaraana (1995), Saathi (1991)

  3. Kirpal Singh Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 21st of August, 1974 (Age: 3)

  4. Kirpal Singh Biography

    Kirpal Singh (6 February 1894 – 21 August 1974) was a spiritual Master ("Satguru").He was born in India, in a simple rural house, in the western part of Punjab which now belongs to Pakistan. He earned his living as a government officer until his retirement and then he moved to Delhi where he founded his spiritual School "Ruhani Satsang" with its headquarters at "Sawan Ashram".He was the President of the “World Fellowship of Religions”, an organization recognized by UNESCO which had representatives from all the main religions of the world. He wrote numerous books, many of which have been translated into numerous languages.His basic teachings consist in establishing contact with God into expression Power, called Word in the Bible, Naam, Shabd, Om, Kalma etc. in the other scriptures. The discipline of universal character taught by him is at the base of the spiritual experience which gave origin to all the main religions that have resisted the trials of time. It has been defined the Path of the Masters (Sant Mat), Meditation on the Divine Word or Yoga of the Sound Current (Surat Shabd Yoga).

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