BirthdayFebruary 16, 1916

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  1. About Kermit Roosevelt

    Full name: Kermit Roosevelt
    Also known as: Roosevelt, Kermit, Kermit Roosevelt
    Education: Harvard University
    Professions: United States Army officer
    Occupation: Soldier, businessman, writer

  2. Kermit Roosevelt Death information

    Died: Friday, 4th of June, 1943 (Age: 27)
    Death cause: suicide

  3. Kermit Roosevelt Biography

    Kermit Roosevelt MC (October 10, 1889 – June 4, 1943) was a son of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. He was a graduate of Harvard University, a soldier serving in two world wars (with both the British and American Armies), a businessman, and a writer who explored two continents with his father. He fought a lifelong battle with depression and alcoholism, and eventually committed suicide.

  4. Kermit Roosevelt Family

    Spouse: Belle Wyatt Willard Roosevelt
    Siblings: Edith Kermit Roosevelt, Grace Green Roosevelt, Nancy Dabney Roosevelt
    Childrens: Belle Wyatt "Clochette" Roosevelt, Grace Green Roosevelt, Dirck Roosevelt

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