BirthdayJanuary 30, 1956

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  1. About Keiichi Tsuchiya

    Full name: Keiichi Tsuchiya
    Also known as: Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tsuchiya, Keiichi
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew, Producer, Actor
    Nationality: Japanese

  2. Keiichi Tsuchiya Measurements

    Height: 5' 5¾" (1.67 m)

  3. Keiichi Tsuchiya Known for

    Initial D (1998), Initial D: Third Stage (2001), Initial D: Fourth Stage (2004), Megalopolis Expressway Trial 5: Final Battle (1992)

  4. Keiichi Tsuchiya Biography

    Keiichi Tsuchiya (土屋 圭市, Tsuchiya Keiichi, born January 30, 1956, in Tōmi, Nagano (Tobu, Chiisagata-gun), Japan) is a professional race car driver. He is also known as the "Drift King" (or Dorikin (ドリキン)) for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events and his role in popularizing drifting as a motorsport. He is also known for touge (mountain pass) driving.The car he drives, a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, has become one of the most popular sports cars; the car is also known as "Hachi-Roku" in Japan (hachi-roku meaning "eight six"); his car is also called "The Little Hachi that could." A video known as Pluspy documents Tsuchiya's touge driving with his AE86. He also is a consultant for one of the popular comic books and manga, "Initial D". "Takumi" is a character which describes him.

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