BirthdayJuly 29, 1932
BirthplaceAlmby, Sweden

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  1. About Katarina Taikon

    Full name: Katarina Taikon
    Also known as: Katarina Taikon, Taikon, Katarina
    Professions: Swedish Romani writer-actor

  2. Katarina Taikon Death information

    Died: Saturday, 30th of December, 1995 (Age: 63)

  3. Katarina Taikon Biography

    Katarina Taikon-Langhammer (29 July 1932 at Almby, Örebro - 30 December 1995 at Ytterhogdal, Hälsingland; Sweden) was a Swedish Romany writer and actor, from the Kalderash caste. She was the sister of Rosa Taikon.She was best known for writing the series of books Katitzi, partly auto-biographical (in 1979 a TV-series based on the books was produced).Katarina Taikon died of brain damage after falling into a coma following an accident.

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