BirthdayDecember 0, 1923

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  1. About Karunanidhi

    Full name: Karunanidhi
    Also known as: M. Karunanidhi, Karunanidhi, M.
    Professions: Indian politician
    Residence: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    Religion: Hindu
    Nationality: Indian
    Work: Second Tenure

  2. Karunanidhi Biography

    Muthuvel Karunanidhi (born Dakshinamurthy, 3 June 1924) (Tamil: கருணாநிதி, karunaanidhi ?) is an Indian politician who has served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on five separate occasions. He is the head of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), a Dravidian political party in the state of Tamil Nadu. He has been the leader of the DMK since the death of its founder, C. N. Annadurai, in 1969. He holds the record of winning his seat in every election in which he has participated, in a political career spanning more than 60 years. In the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections, he led the DMK-led DPA (UPA and Left Parties) in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to win all 40 Lok Sabha seats. In the following 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, he was able to increase the number of seats for the DMK from 16 to 18 seats, and led the UPA in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, to win 28 seats, even with a significantly smaller coalition. He is also a playwright and screenwriter in Tamil cinema. He is called by his supporters as Kalaignar ("artist").

  3. Karunanidhi Family

    Spouse: Jayalalitha
    Childrens: M. K. Selvi, M. K. Tamilarasu

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