BirthdayApril 25, 1970
BirthplaceYerevan, Armenia

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  1. About Karen Ghazaryan

    Full name: Karen Ghazaryan
    Also known as: Karen Ghazaryan, Ghazaryan, Karen
    Professions: Producer, Actor

  2. Karen Ghazaryan Known for

    Khod konem (2013), Anahit (2014), My Big Armenian Wedding (2004), Half Moon Bay (2014)

  3. Karen Ghazaryan Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesKaren Ghazaryan (born on 25 April 1970, Yerevan Armenia) since 2008 is a lecturer of Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University. He teaches “Creativity” and “Ads Means” at the University’s Publicity Department.From 1992 - 2013 he has been the deputy director of “SHARM Holding” LLC, the company providing full cycle advertisement, marketing, production and media service, he was also the head of SHARM Holding Advertising Department specializing in advertising, media, in-store TV advertising, marketing, BTL, press advertising, radio advertising, design and polygraphy.Starting from 2013 he is the general director of “SHARM Holding”.

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