BirthdayDecember 16, 1946
BirthplaceHollywood, USA

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  1. About Kalai Strode

    Full name: Kalai Strode
    Professions: Assistant Director, Actor, Transportation Department

  2. Kalai Strode Known for

    The Lost Boys (1987), Lou Grant (1977), House Party (1990), North Dallas Forty (1979)

  3. Kalai Strode Biography

    Kalai Strode was born in Hollywood, California in 1946, the first of the "baby boomers" generation. His father, Woody Strode, was playing for the Los Angeles Rams football team with Kenny Washington as the quarterback. His mother, Luukialuana Kealohapauole Kaluhiokalani, was a hula dancer for the Harry Owens band. They lived in a two story house ...

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