BirthdaySeptember 24, 1958

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  1. About Justine Pelmelay

    Full name: Justine Pelmelay
    Also known as: Pelmeley, Justine, Justine Pelmeley
    Professions: Dutch singer

  2. Justine Pelmelay Biography

    Justine Pelmelay (born 24 September 1958, Leiden) is a singer who represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989. Her entry, "Blijf zoals je bent" (Stay the way you are) was placed fifteenth out of the 22 participating songs. Pelmelay made another attempt at Eurovision in 2005 with the song "What you see is what you get" but it did not qualify for the Dutch national final.Pelmelay was sitting on the Costa Concordia when it was involved in the disaster happened on January 14, 2011.

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