BirthdaySeptember 3, 1907
BirthplaceAkmene, Lithuania

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  1. About Juozas Miltinis

    Full name: Juozas Miltinis
    Also known as: Juozas Miltinis, Miltinis, Juozas
    Professions: Lithuanian theatre director

  2. Juozas Miltinis Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 13th of July, 1994 (Age: 86)

  3. Juozas Miltinis Biography

    Juozas Miltinis was the founder and Artistic Director of the Panenvezys Drama Theatre in Lithuania. He was born Juozas Miltinis on September 3, 1907, in Akmene, Lithuania. From 1927 - 1932 he studied acting and directing at the Lithuanian State drama School in Kaunas, then was actor at Siauliai Drama Theatre. In 1932 Miltinis went to Paris, France....

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