BirthdayMarch 25, 1952
BirthplaceYibin, China

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  1. About Jung Chang

    Full name: Jung Chang
    Also known as: Jung Chang, Chang, Jung
    Professions: Writer from China
    Occupation: Writer

  2. Jung Chang Biography

    Jung Chang (simplified Chinese: 张戎; traditional Chinese: 張戎; pinyin: Zhāng Róng; Wade–Giles: Chang Jung, Mandarin pronunciation: [tʂɑ́ŋ ɻʊ̌ŋ], born 25 March 1952) is a Chinese-born British writer now living in London, best known for her family autobiography Wild Swans, selling over 10 million copies worldwide but banned in the People's Republic of China.Her 832-page biography of Mao Zedong, Mao: The Unknown Story, written with her husband, the British historian Jon Halliday, was published in June 2005.

  3. Jung Chang Family

    Spouse: Jon Halliday

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