BirthdayOctober 1, 1935
BirthplaceGuayaquil, Ecuador

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  1. About Julio Jaramillo

    Full name: Julio Jaramillo
    Also known as: Julio Jaramillo, Jaramillo, Julio
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actor

  2. Julio Jaramillo Known for

    Our Lady of the Assassins (2000), Rage (2009), Rumba (2008), A fuego lento (1991)

  3. Julio Jaramillo Death information

    Died: Thursday, 9th of February, 1978 (Age: 42)

  4. Julio Jaramillo Biography

    Julio Alfredo Jaramillo Laurido (October 1, 1935 – February 9, 1978) was a notable Ecuadorian singer and recording artist who performed throughout Latin America, achieving great fame for his renditions of boleros, valses, pasillos, tangos, and rancheras.Having recorded more than 4,000 songs throughout his career, his most famous song was perhaps "Nuestro Juramento" written by Puerto Rican composer, Benito de Jesús.Jaramillo recorded with many other noteworthy Latin American artists including Puerto Rican singer, Daniel Santos; fellow Ecuadorian singer, Olimpo Cárdenas; and Colombian singer, Alci Acosta.

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