BirthdayJuly 11, 1979
BirthplaceProvo, USA

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  1. About Julie Stoffer

    Full name: Julie Stoffer
    Also known as: Julie Stoffer, Stoffer, Julie
    Professions: American television presenter
    Occupation: Former host of The Electric Playground

  2. Julie Stoffer Known for

    The Challenge (1998), Learn to Hip Hop: Volume 2 (2003), Wisconsin Born & Bred: The Entertainers (2004), The Real World (1992)

  3. Julie Stoffer Biography

    Julie A. Stoffer (born July 11, 1979) is a reality show personality, best known as a cast member on MTV's reality television series The Real World: New Orleans, the ninth season of The Real World series. Stoffer was notable for being the first Mormon featured on The Real World.

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