BirthdayDecember 0, 1834
BirthplaceSinaloa, Mexico

Celebrity biographies

  1. About Julia Pastrana

    Full name: Julia Pastrana
    Also known as: Julia Pastrana, Pastrana, Julia
    Professions: Mexican side show performer

  2. Julia Pastrana Measurements

    Height: 4' 5" (1.35 m)

  3. Julia Pastrana Death information

    Died: Sunday, 25th of March, 1860 (Age: 26)
    Death cause: Metro-peritonitis puerperalis

  4. Julia Pastrana Biography

    Julia Pastrana was born in 1834 in Sinaloa, Mexico. She was married to Theodore Lent. She died on March 25, 1860 in Moscow, Russian Empire.

  5. Julia Pastrana Family

    Spouse: Theodor Lent

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