BirthdayMay 10, 1938
BirthplaceKotka, Finland

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  1. About Juha Vainio

    Full name: Juha Vainio
    Also known as: Juha Vainio, Vainio, Juha
    Professions: Soundtrack, Writer, Actor
    Occupation: Lyricist, composer, singer

  2. Juha Vainio Known for

    Wingless Eagles of Kairo (1990), Smarkuoliai (1999), Kummeli Goldrush (1997), Train Birds (1998)

  3. Juha Vainio Death information

    Died: Monday, 29th of October, 1990 (Age: 52)

  4. Juha Vainio Biography

    Juha Harri "Junnu" Vainio, also known as Juha "Watt" Vainio (10 May 1938 in Kotka, Finland – 29 October 1990, Gryon, Switzerland) was a Finnish lyricist, singer, composer and teacher. With the lyrics or music to over 2,400 songs to his name, Vainio is as one of Finland's most prolific lyricists along with Reino Helismaa and Vexi Salmi. Vainio enjoyed a short professional career as a teacher at Kymenranta Primary School.Vainio began writing songs in the early 1960s and continued until his death. Apart from his home town Kotka, he lived for several years in Helsinki and Espoo. In his last years Vainio lived in Gryon, Switzerland, where he died of a heart attack in October 1990. He is buried in the family grave in Helsinki.He was given the nickname "Watt" on account of a song on his first solo record, the 1964 Paras rautalankayhtye ("The Best Rautalanka Band"). Never used by itself, the nickname was always part of "Juha Watt Vainio".

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