BirthdayMarch 23, 1937
BirthplaceOrange, USA

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  1. About Judith Robinson

    Full name: Judith Robinson
    Also known as: Judith Robinson, Robinson, Judith
    Professions: Canadian Journalist author

  2. Judith Robinson Death information

    Died: Sunday, 17th of December, 1961 (Age: 24)

  3. Judith Robinson Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesJudith Robinson (April 6, 1897 – December 17, 1961) was a Canadian journalist. (called Brad by family and friends) Robinson was best known as an investigative Canadian journalist during the Depression, the Second World War and until her death in 1961. Daughter of a prominent Canadian newspaperman, she went to work for The Globe of Toronto in 1928 where she was to make her name as a progressive journalist, a fighter for social justice, and a lifelong watchdog on the actions of governments. She specialized in social causes, particularly pushing for help for the underprivileged, wounded veterans or victims of short-sighted bureaucracy. She was also the author of a well-known biography Tom Cullen of Baltimore (1949) about a leading Canadian gynecologist and cancer surgeon. She died in Glenora, Ontario in 1961.

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