BirthdayDecember 10, 1975

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  1. About Juanita Coco

    Full name: Juanita Coco
    Also known as: Juanita Coco, Coco, Juanita
    Professions: Australian singer and actress
    Occupation: Singer, Actress

  2. Juanita Coco Death information

    Died: Sunday, 2nd of May, 1993 (Age: 17)

  3. Juanita Coco Biography

    Juanita Suzanne Coco (10 December 1975 – 2 May 1993) was an Australian singer and actress best known for her role on the popular talent/variety show Young Talent Time in the late 1980s. She appeared on the show from 1987 to 1988, aged 13, and was best known for her rendition of the song 'La Bamba'. When a boy team member and a girl team member teamed up, Juanita was paired up with Joey Dee. She replaced Vanessa Windsor on the show and was the 35th member to join the team. The 36th was Joey Dee and the 37th was Rikki Arnot. Then Jamie Churchill then last of all Johnnie Nuich.

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