BirthdayApril 11, 1916
BirthplaceSan Francisco, USA

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  1. About Joyce Bryant

    Full name: Joyce Bryant
    Also known as: Joyce Bryant, Bryant, Joyce
    Professions: Actress

  2. Joyce Bryant Known for

    East Side Kids (1940), That Gang of Mine (1940), The Fighting Renegade (1939), The Iron Claw (1941)

  3. Joyce Bryant Biography

    Joyce Bryant (born October 14, 1928) is an African-American singer and actress who achieved fame in the late 1940s and early 1950s as a theater and nightclub performer. With her signature silver hair and tight mermaid dresses, she became an early African-American sex symbol, garnering such nicknames as "The Bronze Blond Bombshell", "the black Marilyn Monroe", "The Belter", and "The Voice You'll Always Remember".Bryant left the industry in 1955 at the height of her popularity to devote herself to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A decade later, she returned to show business as a trained classical vocalist and later became a vocal coach.

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