BirthdayDecember 6, 1995

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  1. About Joy Gruttmann

    Full name: Joy Gruttmann
    Also known as: Joy Gruttmann, Gruttmann, Joy
    Professions: German singer

  2. Joy Gruttmann Biography

    Joy Gruttmann (born December 6, 1995 in Gelsenkirchen) is a German child singer.Her aunt is the composer Iris Gruttmann. She has sung children's music for the ARD program Die Sendung mit der Maus since 1999. Her fifth song was "Schnappi", which she recorded in 2001 when she was five years old. In 2004 and 2005, "Schnappi" became a No.1 hit in Germany and several other European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden. It also peaked in the Top 10 in Australia and New Zealand.

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