BirthdayAugust 15, 1950

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  1. About Jorma Ollila

    Full name: Jorma Ollila
    Also known as: Jorma Ollila, Ollila, Jorma
    Education: University of Helsinki
    Professions: Finnish businessman
    Nationality: Finnish
    Work: Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, former Chairman and former CEO of Nokia Corporation
    Occupation: Businessman

  2. Jorma Ollila Biography

    Jorma Jaakko Ollila (born 15 August 1950, Seinäjoki, Finland) is a Finnish businessman, and Non-Executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell since 1 June 2006. He was Chairman (1999–2012) and CEO (1992–2006) of Nokia Corporation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company (2000– ), UPM-Kymmene (1997– ), and Otava Books and Magazines Group Ltd. (1996–).For Nokia, he was credited with turning the company into the then world's largest handset maker.

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