BirthdayDecember 0, 2000

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  1. About Jon Hernandez

    Full name: Jon Hernandez
    Also known as: Jon Hernandez, Hernandez, Jon
    Professions: Filipino actor
    Occupation: Actor

  2. Jon Hernandez Known for

    son of actors Ross Rival and Alicia Alonzo, nephew of Phillip Salvador and Anthony Alonzo

  3. Jon Hernandez Death information

    Died: Sunday, 7th of November, 1993 (Age: 6)

  4. Jon Hernandez Biography

    John "JonJon" Hernandez Salvador, (October 9, 1969 – November 7, 1993) also known as Jon Hernandez, was a Filipino notable actor. He was the son of actress Alicia Alonzo, nephew to Anthony Alonzo, and nephew to Phillip Salvador on his father's side.

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