BirthdayDecember 31, 1983
BirthplaceStanford, USA

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  1. About John Ruddock

    Full name: John Ruddock
    Also known as: John Ruddock, Ruddock, John
    Professions: Sound Department, Actor

  2. John Ruddock Death information

    Died: Thursday, 1st of January, 1981 (Age: 2)

  3. John Ruddock Biography

    John Ruddock was born on New Year's Eve in 1983 to his parents Stephen and Deborah. His father is the Director of Marketing at FileMaker and his mother works for the State of California. He has a younger brother Will, who was born in 1987. John moved to Half Moon Bay, California in 1989 where he grew up. He first became interested in making movies...

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