BirthdayJune 15, 1915
BirthplaceMemphis, USA

Celebrity biographies

  1. About John Pepper

    Full name: John Pepper
    Also known as: John Pepper, Pepper, John
    Education: University of Budapest
    Professions: Actor, Assistant Director, Producer
    Residence: Budapest, Moscow, New York
    Occupation: Journalist, Political activist

  2. John Pepper Known for

    Ghostbusters (1984), A Little Romance (1979), The World According to Garp (1982), Specters (1987)

  3. John Pepper Death information

    Died: Saturday, 1st of January, 1938 (Age: 22)
    Death cause: execution in Great Purge

  4. John Pepper Biography

    John Pepper, also known as József Pogány and Joseph Pogany (born József Schwartz; November 8, 1886 – February 8, 1938), was a Hungarian-Jewish Communist politician, active in the radical movements of both Hungary and the United States. He later served as a functionary in the Communist International in Moscow, before being cashiered in 1929. Later an official in the Soviet government, Pepper ran afoul of the secret police and was executed during the Great Terror of 1937–38.(He was not related to artist Willy Pogany, as was once claimed by Whittaker Chambers.)

  5. John Pepper Family

    Spouse: Irén Czóbel Pogány
    Parents: Vilmos Schwartz, Hermina Weinberger

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